Tax & Business Planning Closely-Held Businesses

Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing the intricacies of tax issues encountered by “C” and “S” corporations, real estate, various general and limited partnerships, business trusts, limited liability companies and other business organizations.

Considering our clients’ specific needs, we devise tax-wise strategies to form, operate, reorganize, merge, sell and liquidate businesses. We counsel our clients in designing executive compensation plans involving restricted stock, stock options, ESOPs, retirement planning and other benefits.

We specialize in structuring arrangements for the particular needs of the owners of closely-held businesses, including:

  • Compensation and Employment Agreement
  • Restructuring
  • Stock Ownership
  • Family Planning and Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer our expertise in negotiating and drafting the documents needed to implement and fulfill these goals.

We advise our clients regarding sophisticated tools, techniques and strategies they can utilize to take advantage of various income, gift, and estate tax benefits available to them under the Internal Revenue Code, including real estate deferred like-kind exchanges, conversions of business activities to pass-through entities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, annual gift tax exclusion donations, private annuities, installment sales to younger generation family members, etc.
Our firm has represented both owners and sellers of closely-held businesses, national franchises and multi-national businesses in corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and reorganizations. Additionally, our firm specializes in the preparation of complex limited liability, partnership and corporate shareholder agreements in which the legal concerns of both passive investors and management are addressed and resolved.

Areas of  Practice

We provide comprehensive estate and tax planning legal services to our clients.
Learn more about our Areas of Practice below.

& Probate

We work with the executors of our clients’ estates in collecting and valuing assets, selling, dividing and distributing property of the net estate to the heirs or legatees.

Wills & Trusts

We prepare lifetime trusts and wills for clients after thorough discussions and analysis of their individual circumstances and goals, using our knowledge, skills and expertise.

Tax & Wealth Conservation Planning for Individuals

We offer clients sophisticated and cost-effective techniques and strategies for the protection of their assets, enabling them to better manage risks against lawsuits and to mitigate liability.

Exit Planning for
Business Owners &
Business Succession

Our firm works with business owners on exit planning and focuses on the business owner’s needs as well as the needs of the business for sustainability.

Charitable Planning

We advise our clients who are interested in making charitable donations about how best to benefit both the charity and their families by minimizing income, gift and estate taxes.